1750 through the 1800’s

Painting depicting McCoole's at the Historic Red Lion Inn

McCoole’s Red Lion Inn is located at the intersection of Broad Street and Main Street in Quakertown, Pa. The Inn originally opened in 1750 under the ownership of Walter McCoole and was known as McCoole’s Tavern during the Revolutionary War Period, The tavern’s name was changed to the Red Lion Hotel in 1793.

The Inn was used as a meeting place in 1799 for the organizers of Fries Rebellion, a rebellion by Germanic Pennsylvanians against a tax imposed to fund a war with France. The Pennsylvania Germans felt the tax was part of a plot to establish a British monarchy in America and were therefore opposed to it, as were many others. John Fries organized a rebellion after several protesters to the tax were arrested and marched on the building where they were being held. The prisoners were freed and Fries and the other protesters returned home.

However, Alexander Hamilton declared the protesters, traitors and that they were guilty of treason. They were declared guilty in court and were to be hanged at a location opposite the Red Lion Inn. Fortunately, President John Adams stepped in and pardoned the protesters.

As the town of Quakertown grew, so did the Inn. The Inn received an expansion in 1810 and received another addition in 1865, allowing travelers to have a place to stay while passing through on the new railway system.


The McCoole’s Red Lion Inn has been reopened as a restaurant and bar for dining, lead by head chef Todd Chiaradia.

Also, the old “Main Street Theatre” located directly beside McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn has recently been reopened as the McCoole’s: Arts & Events Place. This building dates back to the early 1800’s when it was used as a livery stable for the inn.

McCoole’s has recently renovated the rooms on the first floor so that we may have two events going on independently of each other or one larger event. Each room has its own bar & fireplace. Seating in the first area accommodates 40 people comfortably, the second room another 60+ and together both rooms can easily accommodate 100 people. Upstairs is a black box theatre that seats 193. More details for the events place can be found at https://events.mccoolesredlioninn.com

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